By: Tyler Curry

Was it ever your dream to become the President? Have you ever visualized your campaign strategy, considered the benefits between law and government? Perhaps you like to predict candidate success? Turns out there are some patterns between the POTUS of the past. As the 2016 elections for the next President approach, one may consider these patterns. Perhaps we can understand what U.S. leadership will look like tomorrow if we understand the trends of yesterday.

These maps show some pretty interesting facts about who, where and what sign are associated with U.S. presidents in history.

1. Virginia has birthed and buried the most US Presidents

That’s right, based on the map more U.S. Presidents were born and buried in Virginia than anywhere else,  this includes: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, and Woodrow Wilson. Of those officials, Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Tyler were buried there. William Taft and John Kennedy who are also resting in the Old Dominion.

2. New York and Ohio are distant cousins.

States With Most Presidents

New York and Ohio have more in common than you may think. Referring to the chart, we can see both states share the more Presidential residents than any other state in the country. According to each state’s motto, fundamental possibility is a belief that that ties the two territories together. Where the New York state of mind rests its ideology in Latin doctrines to go beyond, Ohio is the small town relative who holds its state truth that all things are possible through God. Is this an indicator of the population’s current dogma?

3. America loves Scorpios and Aquarians.

Presidents by their Signs

What’s your sign? Cheesy pick up line, or important interview question? According to the charts, most US presidents were either a Scorpio or an Aquarius. Scorpios have not held a seat in the White House, since Warren Harding (1921 – 1923). In 2016, we can assume Scorpio, Hillary Clinton, will run for Office after losing to Leo, President Obama. Aquarians have been noted as, arguably, the best Presidents, giving rise to Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan.


4. Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest President.

Youngest Presidents When Elected

Teddy Roosevelt brought the altruism of childhood to his term in Office. Known as the Trust Buster, Roosevelt established laws to take power away from big business leaders, like John D. Rockefeller. Author, explorer, historian, conservationist and civil servant, Roosevelt established his legacy in favor of the American public and environment. During his term his national and foreign policy focused on topics like Conservation, Immigration, Health, Environment and Transportation. Reviews show he served in the overall interest of American people, but showed less respect for the rest of the world. His term was only 7.5 years; passing away at age 60 with a coronary embolism. His overall approval rating was 52%.

5. Ronald Reagan was the oldest President.

Oldest Presidents When Elected

Looks like you can teach an old President new tricks. Before Reagan was elected to the Oval Office, he was as an actor. With 79 credits, Reagan often played the good guy in various television and film roles. However, some saw him as a villain who sent the country into a record deficit with “Reaganomics”. Reagan worked in favor of competitive business practices, deregulating several industries (i.e. cable television) and was for less government spending. His legacy is also marked by several progressive amendments that served  the homeless, unemployed, unskilled workers, undocumented immigrants and even reparations to Japanese citizens detained in internment camps, back in 1942. Reagan died at age 93 from Pneumonia, after suffering from Alzheimer’s for several years. His time in office yielded a 48% approval rating.

6. Most Presidents RETURNED TO OFFICE

According the the chart, 24 of U.S. presidents were reelected to Office for a second term, while 22 only served one year (i.e. George Bush, Sr., Jimmy Carter, Herbert Hoover, etc.).

US Presidents by Terms Served

7. Republicans are the most elected party.

This one is tricky because of that one time when Democrats were actually Republicans. At any rate, the Republican party shows a higher quantity, overall, as indicated in the chart with 18 Presidents elected. Following the Grand Old Party are the Democrats (15), Democrat-Republicans and Whigs (4), and Federalists or Non Declared (1).

Presidents by their Party Affiliations

8. Most Presidents were once Vice Presidents.

Fourteen Vice Presidents moved their way up the political ladder – nine through direct election, including: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Van Buren, Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, George Bush. The second most popular position for elected office is Governor with 10 officials. Following are senators, cabinet members and military officials (5), and diplomats and representatives (2).

Presidents by their Previous Position

If you’ve ever thought about running for office, or enjoy a good political debate, consider these facts. Is the candidate an Aquarian or Scorpio? Republican? Youngest or oldest to be elected? Does the resume include Governor, Senator, Vice President?

Perhaps we can just wait to see what happens in 2016. Who do you think will be the next to assume Oval Office?