As you all know, we have recently released version 2.1. There many new and exciting features in this version. You can find out about the details on our User Guide. I especially want to talk about some of the new visualization we added in this version.

Calendar Map is one of my favorite diagrams. It is a variation of heat maps with focus on date type data. It display a yearly calendar where each day is represented by a colored box. The color of each day is set by the value of a numeric field in the data. For example, the diagram below represent the distribution of snow accumulations in Boston between 2012 through the end of February 2015. Yellow cells indicate no snow. Coloring from yellow to red indicates higher amounts of snow accumulation. Calendar map can be used for any data with date fields like daily sales data, website traffic, social media activities, etc.


Another interesting visualization added in this version is sunburst diagram. Sunburst is a variation of donut chart with multiple data fields or dimensions. Each layer represents the distribution of data by one of those dimensions. For example, the diagram below represents the distribution of students in a university by major, classification, gender, and ethnicity.

Student Distribution with Sunburst Diagram

Calendar map and sunburst diagrams are just two of the new visualization we released in this version. We are very excited to release these new features and looking forward to seeing what our users will create with them.