We are pleased to announce that we have released Visart 2.5 this week. This update brought advanced label controls for all maps, diagrams and charts. In this version, we mostly focused on improvements to existing visualizations; you can now customize every text that appears on a visualization.

Here is an example of a donut chart, which demonstrates how interesting these labels can be now.


After this slicing and scaling, here is another example of convenience by using custom texts on diagrams.


We have also added support for adding more than one datasets in multiple diagrams. In the example above, we can quickly see that the increasing gap between male and female admissions to some departments. Thanks to having multiple charts, the bigger picture is very clear and when you mouse over the line charts, there is a fully customizable bubble. On top of that, the trends over the years are also in this one diagram.

With these new features, we believe that this version further consolidated VisArt’s powerful array of visualizations. We hope these new features will be as inspiring to our users, as they were to us. To create a new account and start revealing the truth in data, visit our website.