Released this week, VisArt 2.6 includes two amazing new features: The Analytics controls and Combo Charts. We are confident that these new capabilities will reveal new ways for our users to enjoy our software and make sense of their data.

In this update, we introduced combo charts. Enjoying a very simple interface, you can now stack different types of charts in one. This comes in extremely handy when it is relationships between various data and their trends you want to visualize. Even apples and oranges now can go into the same chart.


Notice the second Y Axis. The data for Base Salary consists of relatively small numbers. If we were to graph this data without using a Combo Chart, this parameter would be impossible to compare.

This update also features the brand new Analytics control. Here, you can see a complete backlog of every action taken related to your data. We believe that this will make tracking version changes and user activity a lot easier. Of course, you can export all this data in a spreadsheet too.


We shape VisArt based on feedbacks from our users and are happy to see its community growing. We hope that you are as thrilled as we are with the new features in this update. Visit our website to create a free account and see how easy it is to make sense of data.