Visart 2.7 is now available and the Visart cloud has been updated with the latest changes. This update introduces some new cool features and performance updates.

Dashboards can now use any type of image as background. Simply add or edit a tab, then drag and drop your pictures. With advanced layout options, you can customize dashboard pages with your favorite logos or different patterns.


The second enhancement to the tabs is the ability to change the order of tabs. Reorder tabs by simply dragging and dropping them on your canvas.

Another major change that came with this update is tab based loading. Tab based loading mechanism makes each dashboard page  only load when users transition between them. This means that more complicated dashboards will load much faster since the process is now split into smaller pieces.

The latest version of Visart has several incredibly useful new features designed to making sense of data easier than ever. It is an evolving, self-service platform with a simple interface and powerful visualization tools. Visit our website and create a free account to get started!